William Blake, The Pit of Disease: The Falsifiers, 1824-1827

John Hamilton Mortimer, Sir Arthegal, the Knight of Justice, with Talus, the Iron Man, exhibited 1778

William Etty, Britomart Redeems Faire Amoret, exhibited 1833

Charles Robert Leslie, Sancho Panza in the Apartment of the Duchess, 1843-1844, exhibited 1844

John Robert Cozens, Satan Summoning his Legions, ca. 1776

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, The Heart of the Night (Mariana in the Moated Grange), 1862

William Blake, The Serpent Attacking Buoso Donati, 1824-1827

Lady Edna Clarke Hall, Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff at Wuthering Heights, ca. 1910-1911